Commercial real estate FAQ’s

Here are common questions and answers when renting office space in Livingston, Montana from Room for Success, LLC.


Short-term rental questions

Q. If I want to rent the furnished office for a short term, how do I get the keys?

A. When you schedule your use of the office we will contact you and make arrangements that will be most convenient for you to get the keys to your office.

Q. For how long can I rent the furnished office?

A. You can rent the furnished office for one day and up to as long as you want and need an office in Livingston, Montana.

Q. For how long can I rent an unfurnished office?

A. You can rent any available, unfurnished office for one month and up to as long as you want and need an office in Livingston, Montana.

Questions about rent and payments

Q. How do I pay the rent?

A. By check or money order, and mail or drop it in our mailbox in the building. Make the check out to: Room for Success, LLC and mail to P.O. Box 485, Livingston, MT 59047

Q. Will I get my deposit back?

A. Yes. You will get all of it back if you leave the room in as good a condition as when you moved in. We will only deduct the amount for any repairs (to the walls, for instance, if you put any holes in them) or to clean the carpet (typically $20). If you clean the carpet and everything is as you found it when you moved in, minus normal wear and tear, we will give you the full amount back when you move out.

Q. What if I am having a difficult time one month making a rent payment on time?

A. Talk to us. We can be understanding. If you are up front with us we are willing to work with you and make arrangements about the rent to help you through a difficult time.

Questions about signing a lease

Q. What if I signed a year lease, but find, 3 months into it, that I need to move or that this isn’t the best time for me to be renting an office?

A. Talk to us. We understand these are difficult times for businesses and we are willing to help you any way we can to succeed. If we feel you have made an honest mistake, or something came up that makes more sense to your business success, we are willing to release you from your obligations. If you want to continue on a month-to-month basis, or move to a less expensive office (when available), perhaps that is what we can agree on.

Q. When and how do I get the keys to the office?

A. When we meet, or receive a signed lease and the deposit and first months rent, we will arrange to give you the keys in person. Usually, if the office is currently empty, we will give you the keys up to a week before your lease begins to allow you time to get moved in and set up.

Tom Murphy

I rented an office space from Jill from the spring of 1997 until the winter of 2011. It was a wonderful space for many reasons. Jill always kept the building clean, she sent people over when there was a problem with the heating system and kept the place very nice. The space was always quiet. She kept renters who were considerate of others and kept the traffic to a minimum upstairs. The rent was very reasonable. It was a perfect place for my photography office. I had very few visitors, which is what I wanted, and they always remarked how much they liked the building. I bought a house and moved my office into that space, otherwise I would still be renting from Jill.

Tom Murphyphotographer

How to handle problems with the building

Q. How often does the heat or power go out and what happens when that does happen?

A. We need to receive a call from someone to inform us of any problems so please do not assume we know. Call us immediately (406-222-2717 or 406-223-0058 or 406-600-5282).

The power, heat, air conditioning, or internet do not fail us very often. About every other year we may have a day without heat. We keep backup heaters to help bridge the time it takes to make repairs.

The longest we have ever had to wait for the heat to be repaired was a weekend. Not ideal, but we have a good relationship with service people in the town and get prompt service when we need it. We don’t typically lose power or internet service except rarely for brief periods.


Questions about renters and property insurance:

Q. What does it mean in the lease that I have to name the Lessor (Room For Success, LLC) as additional insured on my Liability Insurance?

A. This is a requirement of our Insurer for the building. It simply means that, should you ever be sued by a client or anyone for any reason pertaining to the building, Room for Success, LLC is also covered by your insurance. This will not add any extra cost to your insurance.


Use of commercial office space premises:

Q. What are the acceptable uses of the premises?

A. Any lawful, commercial business that complies with Montana State and Federal laws and does not include direct retail or the use of dangerous substances is allowed. The businesses that seem most appropriate to these spaces are internet based services, personal services (i.e. personal counseling, financial counseling, legal counseling) and any other business where a quiet, beautiful space is conducive to productivity.  If you have any questions, please ask us.


Q. Can I bring my dog to the office with me?

A. In Montana Dogs are considered citizens with all the same rights as humans so we are very dog friendly in most of our establishments. That being said, please ask us and give us the opportunity to meet you and your pet so we can be assured your pet is well behaved and will not be a disturbance to any of the other tenants. We have had very few problems with dogs. But, if we get a complaint that cannot be resolved in a reasonable manner we may have to ask that you not bring your pet into the building.


Q. What if anything comes up that diminishes my enjoyment or use of my office space?

A. Call us immediately and we will address any problems you feel need to be resolved.


Q. How do I get my business sign on the door at Street level?

A. We had to get the signage approved by the Historic Preservation Committee in Livingston, so it has to be done by Delta Signs. Their phone number is 406-222-0902.


Q. Who is responsible for locking the main door into the building?

A. It is the responsibility of the tenants to keep the main door locked when the offices are empty. The last tenant out is the one who locks the door. If in doubt, err on the side of safety and lock the door. Everyone should always have a key with them to let themselves in or out of the building.


Q. How do I hang pictures on the walls?

A. Picture railing has been put up in all the rooms to hang art from. We will provide you with all the hangers you need to hang your art. You may need to add wire to hang the art at the level you want on the walls.


Q. What if I want to work at night in my office. Can I turn on the hallway lights?

A. When we hand you the keys, we give you a brief tour of the building so you will know where the light switches and other things are and can turn the lights on if you need to. In the Winslow Building, the hallway lights are on a mechanical timer and are set to come on and go off at set times, but that timer can be overridden at any time.

Megan Eubank

Room for Success has provided the perfect office space for my company for the last 2 years. The building is quiet, clean, and well-maintained. The landlord/manager is always available to get ahold of, and has been very accomodating to any special requests we have made. They have done an amazing job restoring this historic building in a classy, up-to-date manner, while still maintaining the historic character. I couldn’t ask for a better, more cared for space. Thank you!